First plans for 2019

It's cosy knitting time for me! I love when autumn arrives that means I can wear ALL my handknitted jumpers. If you've been a client of mine, you have probably seen me wearing one... For me it's important and relaxing to make things-knitting, sewing... it gives me a connection to who came before me in… Continue reading First plans for 2019


New course starting soon

I hope 2017 has started well for everyone reading. My Christmas break was all about taking time out for our little family and myself, in preparation for a busy year ahead. Making plans, writing out what needs to be finished by what date... a year really isn't that long! I would like to invite you… Continue reading New course starting soon


Renew refresh recalibrate!

I am teaching a new ongoing Somatic Movement class at Live & Breathe Pilates on Tuesday evenings! We start at 8.30pm, work and explore for an hour and hopefully all have a wonderful sleep after... Don't be afraid of the late start, the days are getting longer and in no time it will still be… Continue reading Renew refresh recalibrate!

Clinical Somatics

Is this you? Maybe it’s time to learn about your back

Pause for a moment. Next time you are waiting to cross a busy road, just a bit late for work, pause. Have a look at your feet. Where are the toes facing to? Check in with your back. Does your lower back feel a bit tense? Do you squeeze your buttocks and your shoulder blades?… Continue reading Is this you? Maybe it’s time to learn about your back


New ongoing Somatics class

I'm excited to start teaching an ongoing Somatics class at Live and Breathe Pilates from Thursday 21st May. After introducing Somatic Movement in a charity workshop and also in my weekly Back Care class, we offer a pure Somatics class for those who suffer from tight and aching muscle pains. Somatic Movement is a safe,… Continue reading New ongoing Somatics class