Clinical Somatics

Clinical Somatic Education sessions

Before our next module, we are to practice and refine our ‘Clinical Lesson #1’ skills on a number of people, so I am offering sessions in my studio at a small fee. I have a good few signed up for it already, and am really excited about this work. One session lasts between 60-75min and I will teach hands-on/assisted movements as well as some self-care movements to practice. All movement is done in the client’s comfortable range of motion, never into pain.

The fee for one session is 30€.
If you’re interested in becoming more body-aware, learn how to reduce chronic muscular pain yourself through simple to learn movements (I know it sounds like magic! But it WORKS!), please get in touch with me by email.

The Clinical Lesson 1 addresses the back of the body, so it is especially helpful for anyone suffering from back pain, tight shoulders and neck, sciatica…

Please note that I am still a student at the beginning of my training. If I feel a client is still out of my scope, I will happily refer to a more experienced colleague!

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