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Module 4/6

After another 6 months of practical work, researching functional and structural disorders and writing up case studies, my 4th module is coming up this month.

Last time my class met for an intensive week, we learned protocols that make up the ‘shoulder magic’: a set of assisted pandiculations concentrated around the shoulder girdle to help freeing the movements of the arm and neck and torso. It’s a wonderful complimentary part to the traditional 3 protocols that release frozen Red light, Green light and Trauma reflex habituations.

This time, I’m excited to learn more lower extremities protocols, which are helpful for sacro-iliac joint problems and leg pain. We will also continue our learning about how to work with clients with Scoliosis – whether it’s a scoliosis that was there since birth or an acquired one, clients can experience relief from accompanying muscle pain and imbalances with hands on Somatic Education. Our assisting teacher Laura M. Gates from New York ( like Martha Peterson a former professional dancer) is working with us on this very specific set of skills.

I will be in beautiful York until Sept 24th and appointments will re-commence after that. Thursday and possibly Friday daytime slots will become available too, as soon as I have organized a babysitter for my boy!

If you think Somatics could be beneficial for you, drop me a line.



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