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Saturday Somatics Series: Untangling….

We have the dates fixed for our Saturday Somatics Series at Live & Breathe Pilates!

This series of short one off workshops has a different theme each time. We will start with Untangling your back pain, move on to Untangling tight hips, third in line are your tense shoulders and last but not least Sciatica is on the schedule!

The workshops are held at the beautiful Live&Breathe Pilates studio on Camden Row and are open to everyone, client of the studio or not.
This is a perfect opportunity to learn a strategy you can employ every time you feel stressed out, tension is creeping up and you need to feel that you are in control. Somatic Movement is a scientifically based, holistic educational method, integrating emotional and physical wellbeing through increasing sensory-motor control. It increases your sense of control and freedom of movement (and though processes), helps with emotional regulation and dramatically improves your body awareness.
The dates are:

February 25th: Untangling your back pain

March 25th: Untangling your tight hips

April 22nd: Unravel your tense shoulders

May 13th: Unravel Sciatica

Bookings are taken in the studio, or online.


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