Mums! Take a breath.

Did you just bring your child or children into creche or school? After 2 months off, that’s how I feel about it – off. It’s strangely quiet in the house, nobody is telling me a rambling story of strange things that might happen when the dinosaurs arrive, I can drink another cup of coffee without having to caution my son to not knock it over.

Once we are all settled back in to our school year routine, or this new thing of leaving your child with someone to mind them, take some time to nurture yourself. If you don’t work in the morning, why not take a restorative class where you can fully let go, concentrate on sensation, being guided through movements while only making decisions for yourself – you don’t have to conduct the orchestra of children, work, household for an hour and come out more balanced and grounded on the other side.

I have 2 new offers coming up in October (trust me, September will be over in a jiffy!)

Ballet for beginners at Yoga Dublin Ranelagh on Monday morning at 10am (7 weeks, 100€) – move to piano music through a classical ballet class, starting with a warm up at the barre and moving on to more expansive movements in the centre. The class is suitable for beginners, and no matter your shape or size, ballet feels great! I have taught ballet for a decade and am finally finding my love for it again, so I am very excited to offer a class again, informed by my Somatic Movement studies!
Bookings via Yoga Dublin only (I will add the link once ready) , we need a minimum of 6 sign ups!

Restorative Somatic Movement at Our Lady’s Hospice Harold’s Cross on Tuesday morning at 10am (8 weeks, 80€) – this class helps you to foster a kind mindfulness towards yourself. We move through primal movement patterns to release tensions and explore where we hold our stress in our bodies, so we can apply those strategies of self regulation when life gets stressful. Somatic Movement Education has changed how I think about movement, how I move, how I think about myself and others. It is much more than relaxing muscles if you’re ready for transformation ( it’s gentle and wise and powerful!)
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