First plans for 2019

It's cosy knitting time for me! I love when autumn arrives that means I can wear ALL my handknitted jumpers. If you've been a client of mine, you have probably seen me wearing one... For me it's important and relaxing to make things-knitting, sewing... it gives me a connection to who came before me in… Continue reading First plans for 2019

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rambling about the hows and the whys

We had a great discussion in class yesterday after one of the participants told me she didn't quite get the movements we did the previous week - 'sometimes it clicks and you understand it, but this movement I couldn't get my head around it' (we were doing shoulder and hip circles). I explained why it… Continue reading rambling about the hows and the whys


Mums! Take a breath.

Did you just bring your child or children into creche or school? After 2 months off, that's how I feel about it - off. It's strangely quiet in the house, nobody is telling me a rambling story of strange things that might happen when the dinosaurs arrive, I can drink another cup of coffee without… Continue reading Mums! Take a breath.

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An audio class recording adventure on Bandcamp is on it’s way..

In my last Mindful Movement - Introducing Hanna Somatics course, I have started recording the classes to send it to the participants - something that is never really done when you go to a class (yes, generally, you should come back rather than practice at home for free, right?)! My clients find the recordings very helpful… Continue reading An audio class recording adventure on Bandcamp is on it’s way..

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Client feedback uuuh aaaah!

I taught a hip specific workshop class last weekend and one of the participating clients send me back a lovely feedback I got permission to share with you! If you would like to use the power of gentle movement to gain more control, awareness and release, don't wait around, DO IT! You can start tomorrow… Continue reading Client feedback uuuh aaaah!


Rathmines Mindful Movement fully booked!

I'm excited to work with a wonderful group of people in the Rathmines Mindful Movement course on Thursday evenings - I have 1 more space in the course and decided to keep the discounted price for everyone at 100€ for the 8 weeks. The course includes weekly follow up emails, so you feel equipped to… Continue reading Rathmines Mindful Movement fully booked!


New class starting in Rathmines 2017

I will start teaching a regular class again - locally in The Holistic Centre of Ireland in Rathmines (opposite the Swan Centre). The class will practically introduce you to what Hanna Somatics is, how you can ease back pain, tight shoulders and other niggles through enjoyable movement. Learn again how to take cues from your… Continue reading New class starting in Rathmines 2017


Renew refresh recalibrate!

I am teaching a new ongoing Somatic Movement class at Live & Breathe Pilates on Tuesday evenings! We start at 8.30pm, work and explore for an hour and hopefully all have a wonderful sleep after... Don't be afraid of the late start, the days are getting longer and in no time it will still be… Continue reading Renew refresh recalibrate!