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December at SOMAdublin

The end of the year is fast approaching so a few head ups (or heads up?) what is happening this December at SOMAdublin!

First of all, I will be finishing (the official part of) my professional training at the very beginning of December in York! 3, well 4 years of training, ups and downs, practice, chats, writing, practice and oh did I say practice! I feel ready to take this journey to the next step and am excited to start 2018 as a fully certified practitioner!

December 4th-8th I will teach the ever popular Dance Ireland professional morning class: dancers and choreographers can use it as an intricate warm up for the day workshops with Algerian / French choreographer Nacera Belaza (check further info here)  everyone else can use this intensive week of daily 1.5h workshop classes as a sinking deeper into your Somatic Movement practice! Don’t be shy and do come to class – although it is geared towards professional performers, the class really is enriched by a mix of people coming! You should be comfortably able to work lying on the floor in different positions – bring a mat if you like some padding, a blanket is a great idea too! These classes are heavily subsidized by the Arts Council of Ireland as part of the provision of daily professional classes for dancers, and I am grateful to be able to share Somatic Movement in the tradition of Thomas Hanna with the Irish dance community.

Then on to a new adventure: Somatics for Knitters and Crocheters! This idea is in my head since a bit over a year (it will bloom into more in 2018!), bringing Somatic Movement to knitters who frequently complain about repetitive stress discomfort, tendonitis, tense shoulders and achy necks. Who would have thunk that our passion for creating something beautiful sometimes comes with an unexpected price tag!
We? Yes, I’m an avid knitter myself since my Oma Kaetha ripped out my first scarf (still in use!) for ‘untidy stitches’ and decided I’m better off with her finishing it 😀 A woman who knit her way through tough and cold times (I heard of knitted undergarments for her children…), being born in 1912 and died in the year she would have turned 100.  s my work ‘lives in other people’ I really enjoy creating something that lasts, something I have put down and pick back up and it’s still the way I left it (unless my son tried to ‘help me’).
So long story short – there will be 2 short FREE taster classes at the fantastic This is Knit in Powerscourt House on December 10th! The first one at 2-2.30pm only has 1 spot left, but fear not, there’s another one at 2.45-3.15pm. Suitable for knitters, crocheters, handsewists, embroiderers, beaders etc. You can book your chair here
A wee preview of my goofy face and some movement is in the Bea and Rose podcast on youtube who asked me to contribute a while ago! Go and have a gander, besides the Somatics bit I’m a super fan of the podcast!

There’s a break around Christmas, and I will end the year with 2 free online classes – one on December 27th at 5pm, and the other one on December 30th at 5pm. You can sign up on the Schedule/Workshop page. It’s my gift to all of you who supported me on this journey and anyone who feels they’re broke but need a bit of a break after all the dinners and family gatherings!

And finally, bookings are open for my next 8 week course from January 8th, hop over to the class page to reserve your spot!

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