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New class sign ups and a special visit

I have created a new class sign up for everyone who would like to take my Monday morning Restorative Somatic Education class, but can’t make it! You can now book your spot for receiving the audio recording of the class straight into your inbox. That way, you can take the full class at your convenience (everyone who signs up as a participant is receiving the recording too as usual). The price is of course reduced and as a special offer, I added on a 121 45min video lesson with me, which we can use to do an assessment, I can give you pointers for your practice and you can ask questions. The video lesson will be recorded for you to keep too.

You can sign up for the audio only version of the 8 week course over on my class page!
I am also exploring the possibility to teach a 4 week video based course on a Thursday night – conference call style, I teach and can see you for corrections in class. My aim is to provide more cost effective ways of providing more people with the opportunity to practice Somatic Education. While the personal contact is part of a class, the next best thing is to be able to actually be in a class when usually time and money restricts you from going. We take out travel time, bus fares, getting child care sorted etc and start creating a habit of practicing at home at the same time.
I would love to explore if this format of teaching is suitable and useful for people living with social anxiety and other conditions that make it hard to leave the house, and if we can carve out enough self-care time for people who are full time carers of relatives and loved ones (maybe 60min class would be doable, when ~120min of leaving the house is not even to be considered).

My idea is to offer different 4 week mini courses on a theme like improve your breathing, how to include movement snacks throughout your day without lying down on the floor, establishing a kind and non-judgemental self-care practice, get back to dance by freeing your waist muscles and whatever else I can come up with!

2018 will be filled with Somatic Education classes and I am committed to share my knowledge and passion with everyone who would like to know more about it.

A special visit is coming up: my teacher Martha Peterson is visiting Dublin to teach a sold out Essential Somatics Fundamentals immersion weekend in 9 days! If you would like to take the opportunity to book a private lesson with her on either Friday 17th or Monday 20th during the day, please get in touch with her or Steph from Live&Breathe Pilates:
The workshop itself will be supported by my colleague Colm McDonnell of Clinical Somatics Ireland, who is practicing just outside Dublin in Portmarnock, while I’ll be celebrating at a family wedding.

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