Ease your tense hips!

This Saturday, you can join me at 2pm in Live and Breathe Pilates to ease your tense hips and enjoy a smoother gait.

releasing the waist muscles for a smoother gait

Have you experienced aches and pains in your hip joints, outside of the legs or groin? Do you get restless legs, struggle with hamstrings that feel like ropes rater than mobile and malleable? Do you feel like you’re walking with a corset around your pelvis? Do you want to improve your golf swing, salsa dancing, Pilates or yoga?

This 1.5h workshop class will give you an easy way into creating more freedom of movement around your hip joints and lower back in a safe and pleasurable way. No stretching or straining involved! Somatic Education is focused on the sensation and control of muscular tension (and release out of it). You will learn how to better tune in to your sensations and increase body awareness. A regular practice not only keeps you supple, but will change how you respond to stress – without escapism but with the ability to make better choices. More movement choices – more freedom in thoughts!

Let’s start with your hips though – sign up here!

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