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Somatics @Woollinn Yarn Festival

I’m getting more and more excited preparing for my teaching gig at Woollinn Yarn Festival next weekend!

Woollinn is the brain child of the women running This is Knit, a beautiful yarn shop in the heart of Dublin.
With lots of international teachers offering workshops in different techniques, panel discussions, social events and of course a market place of indie-dyers and cottage industry sellers, I am delighted to be able to offer 2 Somatics for Knitters classes on Saturday. Even more happy to say they are both fully booked!


My idea of devising a Somatics for Knitters and Crocheters program came from my own passion of knitting and listening to other knitters talking about repetitive strain injuries (yes, from knitting!), sore shoulders and arms or head aches from tensing up over complicated patterns. When we learn something new to us, we use more effort (tense hands, gripping the needles, contorting the face) and our automatic stress responses like tensing the shoulders and belly, restricting our breathing are kicking in. Immobile tensed up body parts will eventually hurt. Somatic Movement to the rescue! You can practice more movements taking short breaks from your knitting to stay limber and reset your muscle length without stretching.
I have assembled movements you can practice while sitting, making them accessible for everyone, even if you can’t lie down on the floor.

I’m looking forward to meeting a bunch of lovely hand crafters and welcome you all with some exclusive vouchers and my new brochure!

If you haven’t snatched up a ticket, you will be able to take the course online this year – stay in touch to be the first to know about it!


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