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How to join my Somatics classes online

I don’t want you to get angry and confused!

If you’re excited about the opportunity to do a class while staying at home, but you feel your technical understanding is not up to scratch to join a class like that, fear not!

I was working very hard since last weekend to get classes directly into your living room (or where ever you have some space to lie on the floor and move with me!)

I am going to offer 3 live daytime online group classes: Tuesdays at 10.30am (starting March 24th, sign up is for 4 weeks, class duration 40min) and Thursdays at 10am  (has started), as well as a 60min single drop in class on Friday mornings from March 27th at 11am

We use zoom, which is a really easy to use video conferencing tool that allows people to join a meeting (or class in my case) without much hassle.

Thankfully, they made a short and clear tutorial for clients, which you can watch below! 

Using an online platform is the only way to safely provide people with a live class right now (especially anyone with autoimmune or heart issues, or anyone who is prone to respiratory infections!), some human connection (say hi to your class mates from aroudn the world!) and soothing movement. I am fully insured to provide classes on an online platform, being a fully qulified practitioner of what I teach. So rest assured when joining my class, that it’s all set up properly and you will be joining a class of the same standard as a normal lesson with me! Brand new clients need to fill out a screening form prior to joining the class.

Please note that, as Zoom is a video conferencing software, everyone can see everyone else in class. If you are not happy about being seen by the other participants (at the beginning or end of the class), you can turn off your video, so you are not visible to your class mates (but also not to me). You can also rename yourself, so you don’t have to use your real name (I need to know in advance though, otherwise I can’t admit you to class from the virtual ‘waitingroom’).

You can add a virtual backdrop in your zoom account settings, if your computer allows, which blends out your room (only works on laptop/computer and only with technical requirements met or a green background, you can find it on your zoom account settings – please try it before class if it works on your laptop at all!)

So, come along to class. Everyone feels better after moving in a guided class for a bit, take your mind for a gander through your movements and out of the news that can make us contracted into a smaller version of ourselves. Right now being spacious, caring and attentive is definitely the way forward!

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