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We all have to stay at home, working from home as much as possible, minding kids who are off school on top of that, which means my offers have shifted from in person to video conferencing too. Gotta adapt to what we can’t change!

To keep serving my clients in these weird and scary times, I have set up 4 mid-morning classes for you to join live from the comfort of your own home.

The classes are 40min duration (apart from Friday drop in, thats 60min) to make it a bit easier to fit into your day, whether you join them live or by listening to the recording. On Tuesday and Thursday, we do Somatics, focusing on finding some active rest and better breathing, while on Wednesday, we mix it up a bit with some gentle Pilates based movements to also feel strong.

As a one woman micro self-employed business with a kid at home for the next few weeks, I have tried to price the lessons in an inclusive way while maintaining some income, so sign up for 4 weeks will only cost you 40€ and you get to keep the recording of the lesson as well.

For the moment, I will concentrate on live classes rather than pre-recorded ones on general sale, so I can keep an eye on everyone participating and ensuring nobody strains themselves in my classes.

Best is to set everything up before class starts, so I can see you and give suggestions during class. I will be in our virtual classroom Zoom before the class starts, so everyone can get their camera set up and we can check that everything works. The picture below shows you a useful distance from your laptop/smartphone, so you see what I mean.

SOMAdublin Katrin Neue

So, here are the classes!

Tuesday 10.30am Somatics

Wednesday 10.30am Pilates|Somatics (no newbies!) |FULL

Thursday 10.00am Somatics

Friday 11.00am Drop in Somatics

I’ve changed my booking system to make thing run smoothly, so

find all classes here

I am happy to add further evening classes in the next few days. I will also work on a self-paced program containing class recordings and some hand outs.

There also might be a weekend time Pelvic floor workshop and Breathing workshop on the cards in the coming weeks – without you having to travel anywhere! I know it’s different than an in person workshop or class, but at least it’s live, so you know there are other people moving with you in a sort of Somatic Network, which is a nice way of thinking about it I feel!

Although you can join my class from anywhere in the world, I am compiling a list of my American colleagues and their live classes so you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night 😉

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