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A class online?

It’s not all doom and gloom and cobbled together when it comes to online classes.
I have been teaching online now for about 3 years, group and mainly one to one lessons and mentoring for teachers in training. There are numerous really positive point about online classes that solve most of the common issues standing in the way of you getting your regular class.

Let’s have a look at the positives shall we!

  • you don’t need to fight traffic to get to class
  • you don’t need to pay for parking / bus ticket / train ticket to get to class (I had people getting a train from Galway to Dublin just for a class!)
  • you don’t need to calculate the time you might sit in traffic, and then have one of those days where everything runs smoothly and you’re way too early at the studio and waste time
  • you can go to a class that is scheduled closer to you finishing work, or scheduled in your break, getting in a longer class than having to get to the studio, getting changed, rushing back to your workplace and cramming in your lunch.
  • you can do an evening class AND have enough time to cook dinner without pushing everything out
  • if you are sick, but feel ok to move, you can still do the class from home. Most studios urge you to stay at home if you have a cold or worse.
  • if you have children, you can do a class without spending extra for childminding. Who wants to do a weekly group class that costs you 30-40€ in the end?!
  • if you don’t feel comfortable in a group class, but don’t have the finances for one to one lessons, an online live class might be just the thing for you!
  • you can be anywhere in the world without missing out on your regular practice and interaction with your teacher.
  • you might have tried to follow videos in the past, but got distracted after 5 minutes.. a live class is a ‘real class’, which guides you through your whole practice with corrections and comments to get the best out of your time
  • the studio (like mine) might not usually be accessible due to physical restrictions. At home, you can join the class in your supportive setting already in place.
  • You can do the class in a chair (maybe even a wheelchair if you use one!) and don’t feel singled out.
  • If you are immunocompromised, you can savely join a class without worrying.
  • my classes are a bit shorter and therefore less expensive online. Studio rental costs in Dublin are very high, often with very little ‘service’ (heating anyone?!).
    An online class saves money and I can pass this on to my clients while still earning my income (I’m one of those crazy people who have never learned a corporate profession, so movement teaching is my one and only thing I do without anything else to fall back on).
  • Classes of different lengths usually are not available in person, as costs of running a studio exceed the income from say 30 or 40min classes. Online, you can join a shorter class that otherwise would not be feasible to offer (I can’t rent a studio for 30min in general!)
  • you might get a recording of the class to replay – depending on the class, a time-limited replay (available for a week for example) or one to keep forever. That never happens in a studio class!
  • practicing at home in a virtual classroom will help you to establish your home practice! Time and time again I see people in studio classes choosing the same spot over years, because it helps them to remember and orient themselves. How amazing that you can use this in your own home!

So there you have it. Online classes are an opportunity for everyone to practice more Somatic Movement! Refresh your home practice and get different ideas, have a scheduled time to practice in your home… there is something special about practicing on your own, but with other people at the same time in different places. Let’s build a calm, grounded network of somatic movers!

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