Clinical Somatics

The first module of Clinical Somatic Education is finished!

I spent this week with 13 fellow students from England, Austria, Norway and Denmark and the teaching team under direction of Martha Peterson (comprised of American, Norwegian, Irish, English and Slovenian), and what an eventful week it was! The 3 year training in Clinical Somatic Education is held in beautiful York (worth a visit!).

Our day started with a Somatic Movement Class, led by Martha Peterson, the program director and / or her colleague and assistant teacher Laura M. Gates. Both have the wonderful talent and experience of teaching flowing, clear classes that left us prepared for the rest of the day, namely lectures and clinical hands-on practice to address the back of the body. The excellent teacher-student ratio (14 students and 6 teaching) meant that everyone got plenty of practice: receiving a technique first through one of the teachers (so we could experience how it should feel like), then practising on a fellow student under supervision of a teacher and then on a teacher and back again to other students. That way, we slowly built the whole protocol to address the Green Light Reflex. By the end of the week, we had received feedback from everyone in the room!

Military stance, a full expression of the Green Light Reflex- can you imagine how tense and rigid this body is? He could do with a Clinical Lesson 1!

Our goal from now to June is to practise the protocol on at least 24 clients. If you would like to find out more about receiving a session, you can get in touch with me.

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