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I am teaching a new ongoing Somatic Movement class at Live & Breathe Pilates on Tuesday evenings! We start at 8.30pm, work and explore for an hour and hopefully all have a wonderful sleep after… Don’t be afraid of the late start, the days are getting longer and in no time it will still be bright then.
Somatic Movement is all about sensing and releasing tensions that torque and twist our body, so you can feel centred and use your delicately balanced muscular system efficiently. I have taught Somatic Movement to people aged 7 to 86, with various movement backgrounds – dancers, musicians, gardeners, people enjoying golf, running, walking the dog and playing with their children. Everyone benefits from knowing themselves better and learning how to move with more ease!

No matter if you have slumping shoulders, recurring neck pain or knee pain or hip pain or back pain… more often than not you can get rid of it by using the very fundamental movements you will learn in class. Thomas Hanna devised series of full body movements that highlight how we tighten up reflexively as a stress response. Stress could be emotional (high work load, changes in personal life), physical (repetitive strain through one sided activities) or sudden impacts like falls or accidents. In class, we learn through pain free movement how we individually respond to stress physically and how we can alter our response in a way that frees us from being stuck in a habituated tension.

If you want to experience what Somatic Movement Education is all about, come to class – if you learn something about yourself, maybe some Clinical Somatic Education sessions where we can unravel things more specifically than in a group class will be a good way forward to pain free and deliberate movement in the future.


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