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An audio class recording adventure on Bandcamp is on it’s way..

In my last Mindful Movement – Introducing Hanna Somatics course, I have started recording the classes to send it to the participants – something that is never really done when you go to a class (yes, generally, you should come back rather than practice at home for free, right?)!
My clients find the recordings very helpful and they can ‘take a class’, revisit what they have learned and get better at it all in the comfort of their own 4 walls.

Each class is about 1 hour long and has a specific theme – the back, the front, the sides of your body, how rotation can be easier, how you can get more awareness for your hip joint and improve your relaxed walking. Now I have a folder of classes sitting around which are only waiting to get chopped into smaller bits (thankfully, I had an editing module – albeit for video – in my MA in Contemporary Dance Performance at UL). I am using Bandcamp as a platform, from which you can download the classes  – there will be a freebie code for starters if you follow my facebook page, then I will charge a small fee per class.

I would like to give more people the opportunity to try out Somatic Movement, even if a weekly class is cost prohibitive. Why don’t I record lessons specifically for purchase? I prefer the flow and feel of a live class. You can hear some corrections, not only the plain description of a movement, and I find it more engaging to listen to an actually taught class myself, that don’t feel like an anonymous workout CD.

There will be 8 ‘albums’/ classes – there might even be a subscription option for a monthly new class! I’m really excited about this. My times where I am free to offer classes are limited and a lot of people are interested but either teach at the same time, are still in work or don’t have the means of participating in a weekly class.

You know it is beneficial, you would love a class – you can get a class with a class feeling from now on!

Expect a first class next week – stay tuned for more 🙂

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