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Starting next week: Weekly Wellness Class at Dance Ireland

Weekly Wellness ClassI’m so happy to be back at Dance Ireland next week to teach a Somatic Movement class under the ‘Healthy Dancer’ umbrella. The 4 weeks of lunchtime classes will give you the chance to find out a bit more about Somatic Movement the only way to find out – by experiencing it!

I’ve got some wonderful movements lined up for your tense neck and shoulders, your grumpy lower back, and achy hips. We will pick a theme, a gentle focus (you will find out that when we work with the pelvis, your shoulders might just ‘sigh into place’ too!) and then tie it back into the full body. These classes are suitable for everyone who can get down on the floor, you don’t have to be a dancer and you don’t have to wear dance attire.
It’ll be Wednesday May 31st to June 21st at 12 noon for an hour, class costs are 7€ per date (the classes run under a subsidized scheme, so yes, it’s quite a bargain!)

I hope to meet you on the mat for a journey into kind movement!

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