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Take time to learn something useful this February

Lockdown 3… how are you faring? Still looking forward to ‘going back to normal’ or has it sunken in that things are different now and will be different in the future?
When we use old strategies that don’t match new circumstances, life gets harder. If I keep expecting to go back to in person classes and 121 lessons every couple of weeks, all I’ll be faced with is disappointment. Not adapting to different ways of sharing how I help people to release into their full moving self and finding calm inside will only take away my ability to share my work at all. Life is different and everything is changing – we feel that now more than ever.

Why am I writing this? Are you still using old strategies that worked well when we all left the house to work, went to studios and gyms and restaurants and pubs and massage and treatments? Are you still waiting to ‘go back to normal’? Or could doing what is easier right now benefit you and help you to navigate these challenging new circumstances?

If you are looking for classes with me, but want to wait for in-person classes…. I have to say you will be waiting a long time – I’m not even sure I can return to that format, as schools close at short notice, studios have closed, halls are not available for rent anymore. Somatics at Home allows you to take class right now offering a gentle way to destress and take time for yourself without adding to the stress pile.
Want to try it out? Listen to a class I taught last year, which I called Sidelying Walking. You can use a pillow for your head or use your arm. Just follow the instructions and stop whenever you want. Move gently and bring your attention to the sensation of moving. See how you feel afterwards!

Exploring walking in sidelying position, class taught April 2020

I currently teach drop in classes on Tuesday evening and Friday morning, as well as monthly themed courses on different days. In the drop in classes, we cycle through fundamental movement patterns of walking, twisting, reaching, bending, breathing…, so take advantage of the 4 or 8 class package to schedule your nourishing movement time.

Prefer a course? We start with Freedom from Sore Shoulders today at 5.30pm – you still have time to join us.

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