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What people say about Somatics

Or better – what people say in and after a class!

I got so much out of it!
My hip feels much more mobile, my back feels looser!
My shoulders are relaxed!
My bowels are very happy!

Sometimes it’s a smile, a surprised look or an Ooooh!

I have updated the website with some feedback from people who I’ve taught Somatic Education to. It’s under the ‘About’ and hopefully I will be able to add to them over the next time.
Some of the writers came to Clinical lessons, which is the place to gain a precise and profound knowledge of movement and to create an excellent high quality platform for your continuing explorations. All my attention is on you, how you move, your experience and how I can share what I know.
Some have come to classes and courses I have taught. Group classes give space to figure things out, with me occasionally giving hands on feedback.

For my next courses and workshops, have a look at my schedule – there’s a class all about your back in 2 weeks (the first one of a series of 4 workshops at Live & Breathe Pilates), an intro course starting end of March and a block of Lunchtime classes in June for Dance Ireland’s Healthy dancer initiative (open to everyone!)

I am fully certified to teach Somatic Movement classes in the tradition of Thomas Hanna since 4 years and am in my last year of an intense professional 3 year training as a Clinical Somatic Educator. Together with my dance education degree and MA in dance performance as well as my experience of teaching dance and movement since over a decade, you can rest assured that I am sharing with you my life-long dedication to teaching and refining movement in a way that will help you regaining more mobility, ease and comfortable movement what ever your starting point may be.



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