In Person classes

I plan to teach a number of in person pop up classes locally, with the first ones happening again in May 2023. A lot has changed since the pandemic in terms of studio availabilities (a lot had to close), so I’m happy to see a studio has become available to rent in Rathmines.

In person classes take place at Wunderbook studio, Rathmines. The studio is above Boots, 302 Lower Rathmines Road, D6

May 5th, 6.30 pm / 1 hr

This popular class gives you Somatic Movement strategies to improve your ability to breathe more fully, without straining. By learning how to relax the muscles in your centre, you will be able to take that deep, easeful breath you need to destress.

May 12th 6.30pm / 1hr

This class will focus on Somatic Movements that help you ease recurring low back pain. Attention is being paid to re-establishing smooth movement and becoming aware of how the rest of the body is playing a role in how you feel your back.