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What happens in a Clinical Lesson?

I was lucky to have my friend and professional dancer Karen Gleeson and photographer Angie Pappas Constable with me in my office to give you a glimpse of how a Clinical lesson might look like. I think Angie took some beautiful photos - check out her street photography work here: , so I want… Continue reading What happens in a Clinical Lesson?

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What people say about Somatics

Or better - what people say in and after a class! I got so much out of it! My hip feels much more mobile, my back feels looser! My shoulders are relaxed! My bowels are very happy! Sometimes it's a smile, a surprised look or an Ooooh! I have updated the website with some feedback… Continue reading What people say about Somatics

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Clinical training in York, UK

This week, I'm sharing 7 days of learning with my English and Danish colleagues. The focus for our 4th intensive module lies on lower extremities. We learn different assisted Pandiculations for hips, calves, feet and thighs. These are helpful enhancements - little extra treats - to the protocols which are the basis of working from… Continue reading Clinical training in York, UK

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Module 4/6

After another 6 months of practical work, researching functional and structural disorders and writing up case studies, my 4th module is coming up this month. Last time my class met for an intensive week, we learned protocols that make up the 'shoulder magic': a set of assisted pandiculations concentrated around the shoulder girdle to help… Continue reading Module 4/6

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Is this you? Maybe it’s time to learn about your back

Pause for a moment. Next time you are waiting to cross a busy road, just a bit late for work, pause. Have a look at your feet. Where are the toes facing to? Check in with your back. Does your lower back feel a bit tense? Do you squeeze your buttocks and your shoulder blades?… Continue reading Is this you? Maybe it’s time to learn about your back

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Clinical Somatic Education sessions

Before our next module, we are to practice and refine our 'Clinical Lesson #1' skills on a number of people, so I am offering sessions in my studio at a small fee. I have a good few signed up for it already, and am really excited about this work. One session lasts between 60-75min and… Continue reading Clinical Somatic Education sessions

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The first module of Clinical Somatic Education is finished!

I spent this week with 13 fellow students from England, Austria, Norway and Denmark and the teaching team under direction of Martha Peterson (comprised of American, Norwegian, Irish, English and Slovenian), and what an eventful week it was! The 3 year training in Clinical Somatic Education is held in beautiful York (worth a visit!). Our… Continue reading The first module of Clinical Somatic Education is finished!